Ocean Of Noise

The series of images entitled, Ocean of Noise is about the construction and destruction that is taking place in towns and metropolises around the globe.  It is an observation of the rapid destruction of familiar neighborhoods and the rise of profitable and luxurious living for those who have the funds.  This construction represents an attitude where structures are destroyed and rebuilt only to worry about the consequences later. The neighborhoods that are destroyed in turn destroy the individual’s relationship to their known surroundings.  This unwanted change is rarely welcomed and can seldom be stopped, forcing the individuals who are expelled to merely observe their once familiar surroundings transformed into the unfamiliar.  Too often this change goes unnoticed by the unaffected. With something as drastic as changing landscapes, my goal as an image-maker is to help people see these construction sights and to question what this rapid destruction and reconstruction means.  My images illustrate that this changing landscape is not an occurrence that can be stopped or changed and thus the message is for viewers to remember the changes that were taking place.